Ada Dahli (singer/songwriter)

Falling seamlessly into the Americana folk-noir genre, Ada Dahli’s vocals are the crowning feature of her performance – singing with more dynamics, emotion and intensity than just about anyone you’ve ever heard.

Before The Flood (Americana)

A fresh concoction of roots-inflected rock that bristles with heartfelt energy invoking everything from Wilco, The Band, and The Shins. Merging guitar-led stomps with subtle flourishes of violin, mandolin, and keys, this is music of overall warmth.

The Dudes (Indie Rock)

Their music is a satisfying brand of rock that encompasses all things good; singing songs of triumph, love and the having of good times. While they’ve been likened to Modest Mouse, The Dudes are more melodic, citing style similarities with Joel Plaskett, Weezer, and Descendants, but all-in-all, The Dudes have a stand-alone sound.

Uniter (Indie Rock)

Uniter is the latest incarnation of Simeon Ross whose projects figure prominently in the Canadian independent music scene -Red Autumn Fall, Infighter & Shoot The image – and has toured domestically & internationally with Oasis, Rob Dickinson (The Catherine Wheel), 54-40 and The Watchmen, among many others.